Become the Expert of Programming

PROG-LAN.gifProgramming is simply consists of certain set of instructions which are created by using any language like C, C++, HTML, PHP and Java etc. Nowadays the scope of programming has widened up because of the new emerging demands of the technology. Most of the modern machines are today work with their applications which are stored in these machines further these machine applications run with the programming. Programming is based on the logic which usually works in the programming. Today most of the websites are programmed by using these programming languages.

There are many institutes in Pathankot which are providing the Programming language courses in Pathankot. The students of BCA, MCA, MSC (IT), MSC (CS) and BSC (IT) can have a great feature in the field of programming because today there is great demand of the programmers. As most of the applications, are made by using the programming languages. Programming is not an easy task, it needs more concentration, skills and knowledge this is the reason why most of the students quit from it. But if you really want to develop your proficiency in the programming then you should take the coaching of the programming language.

Vinayak institute offers all the <strong>Programming language courses in Pathankot</strong>. The students can take the coaching of any language. More practical knowledge is given to the students rather than focusing on the theoretical part. The students can clear their all doubts and queries at any time. Good learning environment is provided to the students as we believe in developing the knowledge of the students and we prepare them for the modern technology IT world so that they can make their future in this line. We make the students more expert of the language. This is the reason we are the best in the field of educational and professional courses.


Web Development Companies in Pathankot

Web development is a technique through which we can design our website and promote the business, products and new arrivals on the internet or on the search engines. It increases the ranking of the website and it is the simple way to show your existence in the market to the different people. Web development includes various techniques to develop the website like web designing, modifying and coding etc. The scope of development is increasing rapidly in the IT world. There are many web development companies in the Pathankot which are providing the training of web development.


Vinayak institute is the leading institute in Pathankot which provides training to the students in web development and its related tasks like on page optimization, designing and adding other applications in the website in order to make it more attractive and user friendly. The tasks of web developers are very important as they change the complete look of the website. It is very important that we should have the perfect designing of the website because your website represents you and your business on the web.

Earlier there were no good web development companies in the Pathankot but now there are many web development companies which are providing knowledge and skills to the students in the field of web development. New ways and techniques are taught to the students in order to develop the website. Today the world has become digital world and every work is done through internet whether it is purchasing something or for getting the information. This is also the reason why everyone wants to promote their business on the internet because it is the easiest way to promote the business and we can gather the customer globally in our business and today it has become the best way to promote the business.


10 Advanced Grammar Rules that Confuse Most English Learners

Students, who are learning to speak English, whether beginners, intermediates or more advanced, can make mistakes with English grammar.  These mistakes can easily be repeated many times and are very common in students that are learning English.  Once students learn how to correct these mistakes, they are well on the way to improving their English.  Here are my 10 advanced grammar rules, which confuse most English learners:
Choosing the correct tense
Incorrect:        I have been in London last spring.
Correct:            I was in London last spring.
This refers to a specific event and time (last spring) so the past simple tense should be used and not the present simple (have been).

Homophones are words that sound the same when pronounced but are spelt differently and have different meanings:

There                 Over there you will find the paper you are looking for.
They’re             They are going to the party later today.
Their                  Their parents are away on holiday.

Which                Which is the way to the station?
Witch                 a wicked witch is in the children’s story they are reading in class today.

Wait                   She just missed the train so she will have to wait for 20 minutes for the next train to London.
Weight              The weight of the punnet of strawberries is 2 kilos.

Weak                 She is weak after running the marathon.
Week                 There are seven days in a week.

Rain                   it is forecast to rain tomorrow.
Reign                 the queen will reign for many years.

Check                Please check the price of the potatoes.
Cheque             I will write you a Cheque for the items i am buying.

To                       we are going to the party tonight.
Two                    Neha and Mohit have two children.
Too                     They are going to the party too (in this case too means as well)

Here                   Here are the books you wanted.
Hear                   can you hear the sound of rain on the window?

See                      can you see the deer running across the field?
Sea                      the sea is very rough today.  No one is swimming.

There are many homophones, which are confusing but have to be learnt.

Plural of nouns

Incorrect:        my brother has three childrens.
Correct:            my brother has three children.
Changing singular forms to plural forms can be difficult to learn.  Here are some more examples:

1 man                2 men
1 woman           2 women
1 child               2 children
1 witch              2 witches
1 goose             2 geese
1 mouse            2 mice

As you can see from these examples sometimes the letter(s) change(s) and sometimes an ‘e’ is added as well the letter ‘s’.  Learning the correct spellings will help but these plurals do need to be learnt.
By having regular conversations with an English-speaking tutor, they can help with these mistakes.  If you want to learn Advanced Grammar Rules that Confuse Most #English #Learners, and want to take your spoken english to the next level you can join VIP Studies Pathankot. VIP Studies is best institute for Spoken English in Pathankot.

Free Industrial Training in Pathankot

VIP Studies is organizing 6 Months/ 6 Weeks / Free Industrial Training in Pathankot, Gurdaspur and nearby area through Entrance cum scholarship test 2017. The students can appear in it get the opportunity of scholarships which would be given to them in accordance with their performance in the test.

For B.Tech (All Branches) | MCA | M.Sc (IT) Students | Job Seekers
Venue: Vinayak institute of professional studies (VIP Studies)
Near Chikitsa Hospital Dalhousie Road Pathankot

Landline 0186-2222348 Mob 9780221348, 9592971348

Email :

Registration for VIPS Scholarship test 2017

As you read our previous post VIP Studies introduces scholarship test 2017 in this winter. Now student has opportunity to learn from VIP Studies with getting scholarship upto 100% with their knowledge. In this post we introduce you about Registration Criteria for VIPS scholarship test 2017.

vip studies scholarship Win 100% Scholarship.png

* Registration has been started from Monday, 27 Nov 2017.

* Last Date of Application: 9 Dec 2017.

For registration you must need to submit your photo copy of Adar card, Education Certificate and 2 passport type photos.

For more information keep visiting our website ( can also call at +91-9780221348, +91-9855941348 ,0186-2222348

Vips Scholarships test 2017

VIP Studies introduces scholarship test 2017 in this winter.Now student has opportunity to learn from VIP Studies with getting scholarship upto 100% with their knowledge.


Winners will get the opportunity to do following course free of cost.

Computer Courses
Office Automation
Tally ERP 9 (With Manual Account/ Without Manual Account)
Java Script
Computer Programming Languages Course
Professional Computer Course
Web Designing
Office Automition
Internet Marketing
Desktop Publisher (DTP)
Diploma Courses
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA)
Computer Teacher Training (CTT)
Diploma in Office Automation (DOC)

Six Week/ Six Month Industrial Training
Spoken English

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Microsoft & Adobe Certified Center in Pathankot

Good news for Pathankot people who want to connect with Microsoft and Adobe.  Now Microsoft certified center is opened in Pathankot.  In this center students can get training & certificate directly from Microsoft Corporation.  This certificate is valid from throughout the world.  This center is first Microsoft and Adobe center in Pathankot and nearby areas.

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Certification

Earlier the people had to go to Chandighar  & another big cities  for giving the Microsoft & Adobe exams but now they can give it their own city Pathankot because Vinayak Institute of professional studies is become the certified  center of  Microsoft and Adobe.

Microsoft Certified Center Logo

Microsoft Certified Center Logo

All courses are also available here related to Microsoft and adobe.  Today there is huge demand of the skilled employees because all the companies prefer more experienced person rather than taking the fresher because taking fresher is a time consuming process. So by keeping all this in mind we make you more trained in the field so that you have a bright future ahead.


We know that today if we want to make a good career in Microsoft  then good hold on the Advance Microsoft Excel  that will make us different from other candidates who are applying for the same post in that company. If you have knowledge or you are expert in Microsoft Excel   then no one can stop you to achieve success in this field.